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Here at Sawtooth Subaru Parts, we're dedicated to our customers and work hard to ensure that you find the right genuine OEM Subaru parts quickly. 

We strive for excellence with each parts purchase, and we're excited to earn your business! 

Please send us a message here if you any questions about vehicle fitment -- our team of certified Subaru Parts Professionals are here to help! 

(Please include your Subaru's 17 digit VIN, which can be found here, or your order number if applicable!)

We are affiliated with a factory authorized dealer for all genuine Subaru parts and accessories, so you can rest assured knowing that your Subaru will be getting nothing but the highest quality Subaru parts and accessories. Why take chances with cut-rate generic parts that may or may not fit? Why install cheap parts into the Subaru that you love? Get the right fit the first time when you order from sawtoothsubaruparts.com!

Your Subaru takes care of you - take care of your Subaru with genuine Subaru parts from Sawtooth Subaru Parts!

Why insist on Genuine Subaru Parts?

Maintain like-new performance - shop Genuine Subaru OEM Parts and Accessories from Sawtooth Subaru Parts

Our genuine replacement parts meet tested safety requirements and match Subaru’s proven performance standards. They’re engineered identically to the parts your Subaru was built with. This helps provide a trusted installation and lasting life!

Aftermarket parts can vary widely in quality. Some third-party companies make cheap, barely-passable parts that may not last as long on your vehicle.  You might end up getting poor quality parts without even knowing it! When you buy from other sites, who knows where the parts are sourced from!

Instead, when you buy from Sawtooth Subaru Parts, you know you're getting the real deal! With Genuine Subaru parts, you can rest easy knowing your new parts are built with the same lasting quality as the rest of your car.

Why insist on Genuine Subaru Accessories?

Whether you're looking for performance accessories, style accessories or practical, functional ones, you'll generally have two choices: 

You can buy OEM parts direct from an authorized dealer like us, or...

Aftermarket parts created by third-party companies from cut-rate online parts stores.

When you choose OEM parts, you can be confident they'll fit correctly on your car, because they were built by the factory with your exact car in mind. Some aftermarket parts will be built generically to fit a wide variety of makes and models. In some cases, this can mean a less than ideal fit. 

For example, generic floor mats designed to fit in all sorts of cars won't provide complete coverage and protection of your vehicle's carpeting. They might slide around if they're smaller than they should be, or fold up at the edges if they're too big. By contrast, OEM floor mats are cut to fit your car's footwell perfectly for a secure fit and perfect protection from dirt, mud and other crud.

And that is just the beginning! From cross bars, to hitches and tow packages, to rooftop carriers, the fit is just better with genuine Subaru accessories from Sawtooth Subaru Parts!

How can I get the right part the first time?

Our team is always here to help! If you search for your parts using the 17 digit VIN, you can be sure of a perfect fit every time! 

You can find the VIN on your registration, your title, your insurance card, or right off of your Subaru in the Driver's Side door opening, or at the bottom of the windshield on the Driver's Side.

If you include your VIN on your order, our team will verify that every part in your order matches that vehicle!

How are orders filled?

While Sawtooth Subaru Parts in an online-only parts webstore, we are affiliated with (and are a division of) a factory authorized Subaru dealership in the Intermountain West. We process the orders and source the parts directly from Subaru of America. 

Your orders are processed and (if in stock) shipped the same day! Further, we have access to factory trained parts and service professionals who are poised to ensure the highest quality service and the best possible answers to any questions that you may have.

Occasionally, we will also partner with other Subaru dealerships to source hard-to-find or discontinued parts to better serve our customers. Whatever it takes to get the right parts to you! However, we never compromise on quality and insist that any vendor we do business with is a factory-authorized dealer and that they sell only Genuine OEM Subaru Parts and Accessories. We won't compromise on quality!