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The Subaru GL, an iconic car in the Subaru lineup, has a rich history that dates back several decades. It made its debut in 1972 as a compact car and quickly gained popularity among car enthusiasts. Throughout its history, it underwent several updates and redesigns, incorporating technological advancements and design enhancements to meet the evolving needs and preferences of drivers. The GL was known for its boxy yet distinctive design, contributing to its practicality and ample interior space.

One notable feature of the Subaru GL was its symmetrical all-wheel drive (AWD) system. This system provided excellent traction and stability. The AWD feature, a hallmark of Subaru vehicles, helped differentiate the GL from its competitors.

Over the years, the GL introduced various standard features to enhance comfort and convenience. These included power windows, air conditioning, power steering, and an AM/FM radio. Subaru continuously improved the GL's safety features as well, including advancements such as anti-lock brakes and driver airbags.

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